I got creative with a piece of fabric from a charity shop

Just seeing this piece of fabric sprouted some inspiration in me to get creating. Wasn't sure what that was, but I was determined to breathe new life into it. So I pulled it out from the scrap fabric box on the charity shop floor and took it home for only £2.

Here's what I made:

So for £2 I got a crop top, pillow case, a mini draw string bag, a boost of confidence on a sewing machine and a sense of achievement.

The top was my favourite out of the three makes. I just love the way clothes make me feel, they give me confidence and express who I am. This feeling is multiplied by ten when you make the clothes yourself. Really, it's so exciting to have made something for yourself that you'll love and that will now be a sentimental staple in your wardrobe. Especially when it's from a scrap piece of fabric from a charity shop, you'll be recycling which is always a plus!

Here's the fabric before. You can see where I've already cut into it. I got too excited before taking a before picture!

I do wish that I had taken more pictures of the process of the bits I made but here are a couple from the top:

And here is the remains: I think I can get another mini drawstring bag and a scrunchie out of it!

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