Good on You - my wonderful new buddy

Good On You is a website and app that rates how ethical or ecological brands are.

They scour the different sectors and policies of each brand such as: child labour, work safety, freedom of association, supplier audits, resource use and disposal, energy use, carbon emissions, water use, impact on water, chemical use and disposal. They also identify wither the company uses animal products such as: leather, wool, down feather, exotic animal skins and hair.

I came across this app through the Fashion Revolution guide to take action for fair fashion. I was instantly intrigued, I didn't hesitate to download the app onto my phone. I was worried the app would disappoint, but I was pleasantly surprised when I typed in the first brand that popped into my head, Vans, to find they were rated as 'It's a start' (which is a medium, I'll explain this in more detail below), followed by a lengthy description on what exactly they are doing about their responsibilities. The little money sign under the name also gives you an indication on the average cost of the products they sell. At the bottom of the page was a really lovely surprise too. Theres three options to send pre-written messages to the brand either praising them, asking them to do better or write your own question which is sent by your email you used to sign up with.

Continuing with my little stroll through the app, I came across some articles that go into more depth with certain brands, explaining how ethical they are, Vans being one of them. Some articles are about top brands using recycled plastic for example, or how to pack ethically for the beach.

(I think this might be my new favourite thing).

I didn't want to get too excited before doing my research and taking from face value. I delved a bit deeper and searched for how they do this exactly. I was not let down again. On their 'How we rate' page they explain their process of how they come to the conclusions of each brand. They use information from certification schemes like Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The rating system they use is as follows:

  • We avoid

  • Not good enough

  • It's a start

  • Good

  • Great

(Yes, this is definitely my new favourite thing).

Also, Emma Watson is the supporter and face of the cause, which is amazing. I love her, really, she's an awesome woman, supporter of women's rights, sustainable living and just general spreader of kindness. Who doesn't love Emma...

Find more about Good On You - and download the app because it's a real godsend.

I am not sponsored for this article.


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