Fashion Revolution Week 2020

This will be my first year getting involved in Fashion Revolution Week, starting from today and running for one week, fashion lovers and activists will be spreading awareness of the environmental and workers issues within the fashion industry.

If you've never heard of Fashion Revolution before, it's a global movement founded by Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro who are both passionate about changing the fashion industry for the better. They started Fashion Revolution after the tragic event of Rana Plaza on the 24th of April 2013, a factory in Bangladesh, which collapsed, killing 1,138 workers. The factory made clothing for Primark, Bennetton, Matalan, Wallmart along with many others.

Somers, Castro and many others, upset by this injustice, have been hard working since the event to influence and inspire others to change their outlook on clothing. Read the Fashion Revolution manifesto here.

Equally as passionate, I will be utilising my time off from work due to Covid-19 to put all my efforts into spreading awareness. I will also be watching and learning from live panel talks from experts, politicians, makers, creators, activists and influencers to spread the word and inspire. Hopefully I can do the same!

Find out more about Fashion Revolution -

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